Who are Coco Cookery?

We are a married couple, Jeff and Anne, with 12 years experience of chalet hosting in the French Alps. Before becoming addicted to life in the mountains, Jeff was an IT consultant and trainer, while Anne was a further education teacher.

We founded our Coco business in 2003 when we realised life was way too short, and so quit the rat race. We dabbled in a few things before deciding to take a gap year (if our kids can do it then why not?) and we enjoyed our first ski season so much that it has become a way of life. We love the snow, the mountains and skiing with passion; chalet hosting enables us to live the dream. We have numerous testimonials from past guests and students and feel well qualified to show others how to do it.

We offer a very personal service and open our home to our students. Many have become friends and when we hear afterwards they've landed a job, well... it's what it's all about, isn't it?

Our courses are held on the stunning Cleddau Estuary in Neyland, Pembrokeshire, West Wales. The Pembrokeshire National Park is a spectacular landscape of rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, wooded estuaries and wild inland hills, and a sanctuary for wildlife. There are wonderful opportunities for walking, surfing, boating, bird & seal watching, or just sitting on a beach if you wish to extend your stay.


These are examples of feedback from guests in our chalets;
follow our course and you too will achieve the same results.

Thanks for taking such great care of us, especially as a long season comes to a close!
Riz 2015

G'day mate! Great week, great snow, great company, great food.
Aussies Richard & Katie 2015

You run a super-slick operation - amazing
Sarah & Kevin 2015

You have truly surpassed all other chalet hosts - come visit us in India!
Alex & Lawrence 2014

We've enjoyed the challenges of the Arab Prince and sorry about the 3-legged camels!?
Sophie & Hen 2013

If you could bottle what you've got, we'd buy a case
Megan & Dave 2012

Back to the diet now
Julie & Terry 2012

Hostesses with the mostesses
Anne 2012

Fabulous food - as good as my Mum cooks
Ruth (our daughter!) 2012

You really have this chalet hosting down to a fine art, don't you?
Watson party 2012

The best vin chaud on the mountain
Hannah (our other daughter!) 2012

There was a young couple from Beau
Who hosted a chalet in snow
When chef-ing and hosting
Their food without boasting
Was certainly second to none!
Nicola & Nick (and all the other policemen) 2011
[just one of many very dodgy poems in our chalet guest book!]

Thank you both for helping to make our first time in 3 Valleys an amazing one. Love and kisses.
Martin & Harley (the firemen) 2011

I'm writing this dressed as a penguin... but regardless how chilly it's been outside,
you've always provided the warmest welcome inside
Sam 2011

This is Black Leader to Mission Control...
..."chalet was an ace base for excellent food, great company and home comforts"
Paul 2011

Food and everything was top-notch... surpassed all expectations. We had a blast!
Simon & Ellie 2010

If only I could take you both back to my house in London.
Rob 2010


And here's a few comments from recent students,
(we can supply email addresses if you wish to contact them for a 1st hand opinion):

... a huge thank you to you both - I don't think I would of done it without your course and your help. It was perfect and made those first few weeks easier and a lot less daunting. Had an absolutely brilliant time and really enjoyed my season and I'm so glad I've done it....
Jamie, May 2016; just back from season at La Rosiere.

... has inspired me and given me the confidence to apply...
Natalie, August 2015; landed an interview with SilverSki whilst on the course.

... I didn't realise how easy it is to follow a recipe - IF YOU READ IT !!...
Georgie, August 2015; has job with GoSkiMeribel.

... great hands-on realistic experience...
Sophie, July 2015; just started the job search.

... delivers everything as stated on the tin!
Rob, July 2015; now has to convince his wife to do a season!

... this course is distinct from others... (with its) attention to organisation, planning, hosting etc rather than just cooking.
John, July 2015; also has to convince his wife to do a season!

... the day running the chalet was an invaluable experience...
Ian, November 2014; working in a private chalet hotel, Morzine.

... very realistic chalet hosting experience...
All the students! August 2014.

... wicked food... keeps it all simple...
Cara, July 2014; interviews lined up already.

... showed me how easy it all is providing you get organised... and thanks for all your CV help...
Emily, November 2013; went out to La Tania in the New Year to join Silver Ski.

... feel ready to run my own chalet...
Georgia, November 2013; secured job with SkiVal in St Anton.

... I would recommend this course to anyone going to do a season in a heartbeat!
Ella, October 2013; will work in France for Crystal.

... quite intensive... covered a lot... feel 100x more confident now... can't wait for my first guests
Bea, September 2013; off to work in Les Arcs.

... Simply one of the best course I've been on - a must do for people who are serious about working effectively and efficiently as chalet hosts. Delivered by experienced people still doing the job for real and such a bonus being UK based, great value for money, thanks to Anne and Jeff.
Howard, August 2013, off to work with Savoie Holidays in Tignes.

... just got an email from The Lodge, and i've got the job!!! So excited!! Huge thanks for the course and the reference, wouldn't of been able to do it without you.
Ross, July 2013; will be working for Richard Branson!

... definitely feel a lot happpier ... in applying [for a job] as a chalet host
Hollie, July 2013; off to work for Esprit.

... I got the job in Andorra! I am very happy... flying out next Saturday
Izzie, November 2012 (don't just look to France for a job!)

... originally I was a little nervous... now infinitely more confident... and really excited!!
Chloe, November 2012; will be working as housekeeper for Madame Vacances

... have been offered the job with Le Ski!!! ... I couldn't have done it without all your help!
Katie, October 2012

... now feel VERY confident as a chalet host...
Amelia & Joss, August 2012; it's difficult for an 18 year old couple to get a job together but they impressed SkiBeat.

... really good fun - hard work but good fun!!
Alena & Malcolm, May 2012; had an interview during the course and then landed the job!

... the Bible is brilliant...
Lewis, November 2011; secured job with SkiBeat.

... I was immediately made to feel very welcome and almost felt like part of the family...
Tessa, November 2011; still wondering whether to be a chalet host or not!

... we [now] have the tools & skills to be blooming brilliant chalet hosts...
Kristi & Jack, October 2011; secured job with VIP Chalets.

... very good value for money - should charge more!!
Emma & Jamie, August 2011; secured job with SkiBeat.

... excellent pace... in a relaxed environment.
Nikki & Simon, August 2011; secured job with Barelli Ski.

... gold mines of all things ski hosting.
Jonathan & Amy, June 2011; secured job with SkiVal.

... awesome course! ... I have never learnt so much in a single week ... I am confident I can run a chalet!
Mickey, November 2010; probably our proudest success story:
after many rejections and no interviews, he secured an interview during the course,
and got a job offer the very next day!
And went on to be awarded "Chalet Host Of The Year 2012/3" with Skiworld.
Well done, Mickey!!

... full of funny stories and has really got me excited about my season.
Nellie, November 2010; secured job with Crystal.

... course was really intensive but we covered loads of ground.
Vicky, November 2010; we helped Vicky get a job with SkiVal even before the course started!

... fantastic week, learnt loads and eaten even more!
... great to pick up all of the tips from your experience.
Kate & David, October 2010; secured jobs with Alpine Action.

... going to be super-organised now. Brilliant week!
Fiona, October 2010; secured job with Crystal.

... you were very flexible & helpful. I didn't know how to cut up a mushroom!
Claire, October 2010; secured job with Crystal.

... you show a real passion for ski chalet hosting, which you pass on in your brilliant enthusiastic tuition.
Sam, September 2010; after many rejections before the course, Sam then got offers from Mark Warner and Family Ski.

Coco Cookery courses get results!

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