Coco in the snow

The Chalet Host's Bible

Your essential companion in the snow

If you’re dreaming of doing a season as a ski chalet host then this book is for you!

It’s the definitive indispensable guide to all you need to know about chalet hosting.

It assumes you can already cook beans on toast and know a saucepan when you see one, but everything else is explained.

It’s crammed full of tested recipes, of course, but that’s just the start. It covers breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner, wine, cheese, kids’ food, vegetarians, special diets, Xmas, presentation – everything.

There’s a pile of advice and tips-of-the-trade about managing the chalet including cleaning, budgeting, shopping, storage, log fires, saunas etc.

It even covers guest relations - dealing with ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’!

Minimum effort, maximum impact - maximum skiing.

Written in an easy chatty style by chalet hosts with over 10 years of experience, who have run a cookery school so they know a thing or two about cooking, and about teaching.
Over 150 pages crammed with recipes, advice and tips.

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and spend more time on the slopes this season.

The only thing better than this Bible is actually being there... working as a chalet host.

‘The Chalet Host’s Bible’ together with our other publication, ‘How To Get A Ski Job’, will help make your dream come true.

In response to demand, we have made the Guide available on Amazon in paperback and via their Kindle service.
You can download a Kindle app from Amazon suitable for iPads, Android tablets, iPhones, PC/laptops etc;
or even read the Bible direct from the Kindle cloud on any web-browser.

What they say about Coco Cookery and our Chalet Bible

...has inspired me to apply to be chalet host...
Natalie, secured job with Silver Ski in Courchevel.

... I didn't realise how easy it is to follow a recipe - IF YOU READ IT !!...
Georgie, got a job with GoSkiMeribel.

... delivers everything as stated on the tin!
Rob, now has to convince his wife to do a season!

... wicked food... keeps it all simple...
Cara, ready for those job interviews.

... feel ready to run my own chalet...
Georgia, secured job with SkiVal in St Anton.

... now feel VERY confident as a chalet host...
Amelia & Joss, it's difficult for an 18 year old couple to get a job together but they impressed SkiBeat.

... the Bible is brilliant...
Lewis, secured job with SkiBeat.

... gold mines of all things ski hosting.
Jonathan & Amy, secured job with SkiVal.

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