Coco in the snow

Chalet Man: 10 Years a Slave

An inside story of ski chalet life - warts and all!

You may have seen the movie 'Chalet Girl' wherein a naÔve young chalet girl wins a snowboard competition and wins the heart of the rich debonair chalet owner.

Well, this book is nothing like that movie.

Itís an inside story of real people in the ski chalet world, warts and all.

Ski chalet hosting can be a real hard grind but it can also be great fun.
If youíve ever wondered what really goes on in a ski chalet,
Or youíre thinking of doing a season yourself,
Or you want to reminisce about the season you did,
Or (heaven forbid) your precious little eighteen year old is setting off for one,

...then this is the book for you.
Hopefully, itíll make you laugh, or make you curse, and sometimes make you lose all faith in humanity (of the skiing variety).
Over 140 pages of chuckles ands gasps.

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and you'll know what to look for next time you go skiing.

The only thing more real than 'Chalet Man' is actually being there... working as a chalet host.

In response to demand, we have made this book available on Amazon in paperback and via their Kindle service.
You can download a Kindle app from Amazon suitable for iPads, Android tablets, iPhones, PC/laptops etc;
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What they say about Coco Cookery...

...has inspired me to apply to be chalet host...
Natalie, secured job with Silver Ski in Courchevel.

... I didn't realise how easy it is to follow a recipe - IF YOU READ IT !!...
Georgie, got a job with GoSkiMeribel.

... delivers everything as stated on the tin!
Rob, now has to convince his wife to do a season!

... wicked food... keeps it all simple...
Cara, ready for those job interviews.

... feel ready to run my own chalet...
Georgia, secured job with SkiVal in St Anton.

... now feel VERY confident as a chalet host...
Amelia & Joss, it's difficult for an 18 year old couple to get a job together but they impressed SkiBeat.

... the Bible is brilliant...
Lewis, secured job with SkiBeat.

... gold mines of all things ski hosting.
Jonathan & Amy, secured job with SkiVal.

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