5-day Comprehensive Ski Chalet Cookery Course

Course Aims & Objectves

We aim to give you the confidence and skills necessary for a successful season as a ski chalet host.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Cook any chalet-style recipe.
  • Produce a ‘4-star dinner party’ meal on time.
  • Plan a weekly menu which is attractive, balanced and practical to a given budget.
  • Keep a chalet clean and hygienic.
  • Organise your time to maximise free/ski time.
  • Apply for a job as a chalet host with confidence.

  • Anne in a typical chalet kitchen

    Course Summary

    It is an intensive course, involving interactive demonstrations, theory, and most importantly masses of practical cooking experience to develop your skills. No previous experience of chalet cookery is assumed - just bring your common-sense & lots of humour, [however, if you can't even boil an egg then a 1 week course will not be enough to convince a ski chalet employer].

    You will be working in a real chalet-style kitchen, not a big classroom, and the equipment & utensils etc are carefully chosen to represent a typical chalet - so no fancy food-processors and other kitchen gadgets.

    As well as all the cooking, the course also covers hygiene, cleaning, budgeting, time-management and customer relations, which are taught as informal seminars; and over coffee and dinner there's always time for brain-picking!

    Also for one whole day YOU will be in charge of our chalet - that's real work experience!

    The course covers everything you need to know for a successful season as a chalet host;
    at the end you'll be able to run a chalet in style with a smile!


    Course Details

    • Cooking skills
      • basic cooking methods
      • cooking at altitude
      • kitchen safety
    • Menu planning
      • principles of menu planning
      • creating your own menu
      • cooking timings
    • Cooking 4-star ‘dinner party’ style meals
      All our recipes have been tried and tested at altitude. They are delicious, impressive and easy to cook. You will be able to cook a wide selection of these yourself.
      • cakes
      • breakfasts
      • starters
      • main courses
      • vegetables
      • desserts
      We also cover
      • canapés & aperitifs
      • cheeseboards
      • wine
      • special dietary requirements
        (e.g. gluten-free, vegetarian)
      • children’s meals
      • Xmas dinner
      • presentation -
        maximum impact for minimum effort
        "it's good looking cooking" according to student Becky
    • Food Safety
      • food allergies
      • best practices
      • storage, fridges & freezers
      • on-line assessment leading to:
        Food Safety Level 2 certificate
    • And lots of bits & pieces, including
      • managing your budget
      • organising your time
      • cleaning
      • the guest's experience -
        including dealing with awkward ones!
      • and last but not least...
        maximising your tips!!

    In addition to this comprehensive agenda, we also have a wealth of ad-hoc advice and experience to pass on to you.

    AND you can contact us for help any time before and after the course.

    Without a cookery course on your CV
    how are you going to impress the Ski Companies?

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