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Want to do a season working in a ski resort?

Can't find a job? Well, there certainly are jobs out there.
Whether you're looking for work as a chalet host, ski rep, barman, driver or maintenance man, we can help you get to the front of the queue of the Ski Holiday Companies.

The only thing the employer sees is your CV!
9 out of 10 people think their CV is good enough.
9 out of 10 people are WRONG!
Let us show you how to do it right.

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and get on the slopes this season.

In response to demand, we have made the Guide available on Amazon as a paperback and via their Kindle service.
You can download a Kindle app from Amazon suitable for iPads, Android tablets, iPhones, PC/laptops etc; or even read the Guide direct from the Kindle cloud on any web-browser.

Can't get a job? The chances are your CV is ending up in the bin with dozens of others.

Our Guide gives you all the inside secrets on how to get that job,
including how to write a compelling CV,
who to apply to, who NOT to apply to,
how to conduct the interview, what they'll ask and what you must ask.
In fact, everything you'll need to know to get that ski job and get on the slopes.

AND if you're still unsure about the whole job application process
then we also offer a hold-your-hand service.

 100% success rate 


If your CV is not getting interviews, or you need 1-to-1 advice & guidance then use our follow-up hand-holding service.

    This is what you'll get:
  • A detailed critique of your CV
  • AND unlimited advice on any revised CVs
  • AND unlimited advice on suitable employers (and who to avoid!)
  • AND unlimited advice on how to conduct an interview
All this for just £49.95

We can't guarantee you a job
BUT your chances are 100x higher with us than without us!

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The small print:

The Amazon Kindle service.
Amazon's service enables us to deliver our Guide to you super-fast & easy. You DO NOT need to have a Kindle - you can download a Kindle app from Amazon suitable for iPads, Android tablets, iPhones, PC/laptops etc; or even read the Guide direct from the Kindle cloud on any web-browser. The price on Amazon is usually that given above but it may differ slightly; there are also occasional special offers and even free offers. If you have problems obtaining your Guide then we can supply one direct so please get in touch.

Our track record.
Who are we? And what credentials have we got for advising you how to get a job? We are Jeff and Anne. As of 2016, we’ve done ten ski seasons, seen many things along the way, and met many people. As well as experiencing the companies we’ve worked for, we’ve seen many others in action at first-hand - some very good, some frankly appalling. The same goes for ski season workers. We’ve also built up a network of contacts in the industry. Besides that, we run a cookery school focussed solely on ski chalet hosts and we’ve helped many of our students secure jobs. So we know what we’re talking about. We’re not claiming that our way to find a job is the only way - but we know it works.

Why is our service much cheaper than other professional CV companies?
We don't pretend to be a charity - we're a business - but we love what we do, and get a real kick out of helping others do the same.
Some people will buy our Guide and leave it at that. Fine. We wish them well & hope they get a job.
Other people will use our follow-on hand-holding service and draw on our expertise to produce an interview-winning CV.
If you're serious about doing a season then you need serious help.

Our service times.
Outside of the ski season (i.e. May to November) we aim to respond within 48 hours; during the ski season we aim for a 1 week turnaround.

You do not need to enrol on our cookery course in order to use our job-help service.
For some roles, e.g. chalet host, employers will be looking for evidence of your cooking skills, which our course will give you. Other roles, e.g. hotel host, do not necessarily require cooking skills. At no time will we pressure you into doing our course. Our course students receive the full service for free.

We can only offer limited help for certain specialist roles with Ski Companies, e.g. nannies, ski instructors.
These jobs require formal qualifications, which we are not familiar with. But we are happy to advise on all other aspects of your application. Please contact us if in doubt.

We can only offer limited help for jobs with local employers, e.g. barman, shop assistant.
We are not sufficiently familiar with the local shops & bars etc of every resort to enable us to advise on employers. But we are happy to advise on all other aspects of your application. Please contact us if in doubt.

We can only offer limited help for jobs outside of Europe.
Ski season work in Canada, USA, New Zealand etc has many similarities to that in Europe but also many differences. For instance, most Ski Companies will expect you to have completed a season in Europe first. We are not familiar with the operations in these areas. But we are happy to advise on all other aspects of your application. Please contact us if in doubt.

Our 100% success rate.
Everyone who followed our advice has secured a job. Some people do not listen to advice and sometimes they don't get a job - we've had one or two!

...has inspired me to apply...
Natalie, August 2015; secured job with Silver Ski in Courchevel.

...just secured a job with SkiVal, thanks for all your help.
Hannah and Brekan, September 2015; working in Val D'Isere.

...I think I've left it too late to get a job...
Emily, November 2013; secured job in the New Year with Silver Ski, Courchevel.

... feel ready to run my own chalet...
Georgia, November 2013; secured job with SkiVal, St Anton.

...offered a job as hotel assistant in Chamonix - Hotel Sapiniere! Thanks for all your help with the CV.
Angus, August 2012; secured job with Inghams, Chamonix.

...applied for jobs as chalet hosts & were offered management jobs!
Jackie & Nigel, May 2012; secured jobs with Powder White, Val D'Isere.

...been offered a job with ski total to work in val thorens as chalet host and leave on the 28th!
Rosie, November 2011; secured job with Ski Total, Val Thorens.

... Just to let you know the interview with Ski Beat went really well and I have been offered a job in La Plagne!
Lewis, October 2011; secured job with Ski Beat.

... I have a job with espirt as a kitchen assistant. I have to say the guy from workaseason knew who coco were straight away
Elliot, October 2011; secured job with Esprit.

... You played a big part in helping us get there, we are extremely thankfull that we came across cococookery on google!
Jonathan & Amy, August 2011; secured job with SkiVal.

A good friend of ours who was the recruitment manager for a medium-sized ski company says...

"The applications need to be a max of three pages long (not 26 that I received off one couple), and they need to emphasise any customer-facing / hospitality experience they have. Many people send me CVs only mentioning business/office experience they have. I also receive applications from people who apply to cook in a chalet but don't mention cooking at all!! Another big mistake people make is sending me an application and then copy in 15 other companies that they are applying to! Spelling mistakes and poor grammar etc etc are a big faux pas! Common sense to us I know but you'd be surprised how many people's CV's end up in the bin because of silly mistakes!"

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